For over 10 years, Clay Garden Studio has provided it’s clients with great gear, the most comfortable facility, and the most knowledgable engineers in the 7 cities. The studio has been honored twice with the PortFolio/NineVolt award for Best Recording Studio. Brad Rosenberg created this oasis of production to raise the standard of modern analog/digital audio recording in the Hampton roads area. Possessing the areas most comprehensive list of both modern and esoteric/vintage recording equipment sets Clay Garden ahead of the herd. Engineering and (or) producing for a varied list of artists, including: 1888, Family Tree, Fuzz Band, Action Habit, Toque, Astropop 3, Clipse (Re-Up), Suzi Gilmont, Pawn Shop Lifters, Lewis Mcgehee, and many more (see clients page). We can accomodate all of your high fidelity audio recording needs at any stage of production. Clay Garden is your resource for achieving world class sound.